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Trans Labrador Highway, Part I

Labrador. The Big Land. North America’s Last Frontier. The idea of traversing the Trans Labrador Highway had loomed in the back of my mind since I bought my VStrom 650 four years ago. When Mark joined the league of “Stromtroopers” this spring we decided that we would finally take a trip off the Rock via two wheels –a first for both of us. It seemed like the right time to embark on a Labrador Adventure. Plus, at only $18 each for the ferry crossing from St. Barbe to Blanc Sablon, it made good economic sense! Read the rest of this entry


Motorcycle Camping on the Bonavista Peninsula


Nothin’ to it sure!

I’m not sure why it comes as such a surprise to many people when I say that I’ve never been camping (I don’t consider staying in a camper “real” camping!). Maybe because I love hiking, trail running and off-road riding people just assume that I’m all about living life outdoors. On the contrary, I’ve never felt the urge to cook, eat and sleep outside…I figured that as a species we’ve evolved past that, and do enjoy the conveniences of hot running water and flushing toilets. However…I DO love to explore Newfoundland, and the frugal side of my personality has gotten a bit hung up on the cost of motels and B&B’s. And so I decided to give this camping thing a go, and myself and Mark spent three nights in Lockston Path Provincial Park on the Bonavista Peninsula. And you know what? I actually ENJOYED it! We researched and were fully prepared, and the trip was a success…even through a night of torrential rain. Setting up the tent was a breeze, and Mark quickly engineered an “awning” of sorts when the rain started to fall on our second evening in the park (note to self: we need a bigger tarp). I put myself in charge of meal preparation, and I actually surprised myself with the somewhat nutritious, mostly vegetarian meals I whipped up on our tiny campstove. I liked the simplicity of tent living, and the park was nicely equipped so that things like hot showers and laundry facilities were readily available. It was a truly fantastic trip, and here are a few highlights: Read the rest of this entry

West Coast Trip Part VI: Port Au Port Peninsula

At this point in time I’m very glad that I had the foresight to keep a journal while we were on tour last summer. If it wasn’t for the fact that I spent each evening scribbling down the day’s events there’s no way I’d be able to recall many details of our trip seven months later.

The morning of August 8 was sunny, but the forecast called for a chance of thunder showers. With the Marble Mountain radar station non-functional we couldn’t see where the showers were, but this particular day would be our only chance to see the peninsula so we took the chance and set off around the loop in a clockwise direction.


Read the rest of this entry

West Coast Trip Part IV: Bay of Islands

It’s hard to believe that we’re nearing the end of October and I’ve yet to complete my “West Coast Trip” blog series. I’ve come to realize that fall is the busiest time of year for me. Work, online course, training for a trail ultramarathon and of course trying to squeeze in a ride when the weather cooperates means I don’t have much time to sit down and put together a post. Thanks to hurricane Gonzalo this morning I finally have some time on my hands so here’s an account of our day spent touring Bay of Islands area. Read the rest of this entry

West Coast Trip Part III: The Tablelands

On August 5th, after being on the road for three days we set out to actually get to the West Coast. We left Catamaran Park in the foggy coolness of morning and droned the 175km to Deer Lake. Read the rest of this entry

West Coast Trip Part II: Central/Interior Detours

I guess I should clarify that despite the title of this post, it’s actually about the self-imposed detours we took in Central Newfoundland, on our way to the West Coast.

On August 4th, we had an entire day to get from Gander to Catamaran Park, a distance of only 135km. Our first detour was through the town of Appleton, just west of Gander. Read the rest of this entry

Tourism & Potholes

Last Monday was Discovery Day (formerly St. John’s Day); that weird pseudo-holiday that is observed by the provincial government and only a fraction of businesses. We lucked into good weather, and went for a ride around the Cape Shore loop.

The Cape Shore consists of Routes 92 and 100 on the southwest Avalon, and is roughly 100km of beautiful coastal scenery. The road is twisty and hilly, and is lots of fun on a bike – correction – WOULD be lots of fun on a bike if it weren’t for the ubiquitous potholes plaguing the highway. I don’t mean little bumps, either. Many of these were large, deep craters, and would take a delight in ruining your day. I’m happy that we had the GoPro camera set up to take a picture every minute, because it captured this tire-eater between North Harbour and Branch.


This is disgraceful.

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