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Trans Labrador Highway, Part I

Labrador. The Big Land. North America’s Last Frontier. The idea of traversing the Trans Labrador Highway had loomed in the back of my mind since I bought my VStrom 650 four years ago. When Mark joined the league of “Stromtroopers” this spring we decided that we would finally take a trip off the Rock via two wheels –a first for both of us. It seemed like the right time to embark on a Labrador Adventure. Plus, at only $18 each for the ferry crossing from St. Barbe to Blanc Sablon, it made good economic sense! Read the rest of this entry


Hidden Gems in Notre Dame Bay

This was our fifth vacation spent touring Newfoundland by motorcycle, so when we sat down to plan out this year’s trip we ran into a bit of a quandry. Where hadn’t we been? Or more importantly, where hadn’t we been that is still easily accessible, since we only had one week of holidays? Read the rest of this entry

Ride to Truxtun & Pollux Wreck Site

I’m a bit of a history buff, so most of the rides that I plan revolve around some sort of historical site. I had long known of the Truxtun & Pollux disaster on the Burin Peninsula, but never had an opportunity to see it first hand. When we decided to go camping in that part of the province in August, the wreck site was the top thing on my list.


The site of the wreck

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Ride to the SS Florizel Wreck Site

The Southern Shore of Newfoundland is known as the “Graveyard of the Atlantic”, because of the sheer number of shipwrecks dating back hundreds of years. The remnants of some of these wrecks are still clinging to the coastline, with perhaps the most famous being the SS Florizel.


The SS Florizel, circa 1909. Photo credit:

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Adventure Touring Bikes: Jack of All Trades but Master of None?


Mark’s Versys 650, being all adventurous!

The genre of “adventure touring” has experienced huge gains in popularity over the past several years. This category of motorcycles was once occupied almost exclusively by the BMW GS and Triumph Tiger, but is now seeing competition from almost all mainstream manufacturers (aside from Harley-Davidson), with more and more people choosing to take the road less traveled, so to speak.

I’ve heard a snippet of motorcycle lore that goes something like this: “think back to when you were a kid, sliding down a hill on your toboggan. Did you go down feet first? You belong on a cruiser. Head first? You belong on a sportbike.” Hmmmm. What about adventure touring riders? They must have been the kids that packed a lunch and hiked off to some far-flung hill that no one else even knew about.

What exactly is an adventure touring bike? Read the rest of this entry

My Touring Delimma

Last summer I went touring on my bike for the first time, from St. John’s to St. Anthony and back. I enjoyed it so much that this year I spent a week and a half exploring the north east coast and the Eastport and Bonavista peninsulas. It’s become clear to me that this is how I want to spend my holidays for as long as I’m physically and financially able to do so, and now I’m toying with the idea of buying an actual touring bike. Read the rest of this entry

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