The Seed of Wanderlust

Back when I was young and foolish I packed up my belongings into my Oldsmobile and set out across the country, to seek my fortune in Edmonton, Alberta. What should have been an epic 6000km (3750 mile) roadtrip across Canada was reduced to a blur of gas stations, Tim Hortons restaurants and the seemingly endless Trans Canada Highway. I drove hammer down through eight provinces and I didn’t take one picture. I was determined to “make good time”, stopping so infrequently that when I finally did arrive at my destination I was so used to moving at highway speed that I was dizzy for a week. That was pre-motorcycle me.

My Edmonton interlude lasted a year and a half, and when I was firmly back on my native soil I swore that I didn’t care less if I never set foot off this Rock ever again. But then I got a bike.

Once I experienced the sheer joy of riding, a dramatic shift happened. The journey itself became a positive part of the experience, not just something to begrudgingly endure. I found that I actually wanted to go places, and would look forward to a weekend spent racking up the miles.

The trajectory taken by my motorcycle passion in the past few years has to do in part with the online community that I’ve found myself part of. Through blogging, Twitter and Instagram I’ve discovered so many people doing such amazing things on motorcycles all over the world, and I feel so privileged to be able to follow along on the adventures of so many of you. You gave me the confidence boost I needed to tackle touring on a large, tall bike. You inspired me to put aside cozy accommodations and learn how to camp. You show me every day what an incredible planet we live on, and the best way to experience it is on two wheels. For this I thank you, and extend a virtual “cheers” to each corner of the globe.

So the seed of wanderlust has been set, and because I can’t ride any farther east I look to the west – but this time not with anxiety and a mindset of “let’s get this over with”. I long to ride off the ferry at North Sydney with the entire continent of North America opened up in front of me. The American Southwest, the Rocky Mountains, the Pacific coast, Route 66, the Tail of the Dragon…and so much more.

Keep posting ride reports and pictures, fellow bloggers. I have a lot of planning to do.

hold fast


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  1. You really capture the spirit underlying the joy of riding a motorcycle. Thanks. Weather is getting cooler…soon be time for me to get the winter bike out.

  2. Three cheers for wanderlust!

  3. One word for you – COLORADO! You would love riding out here and I can help with ride suggestions all over this state and Wyoming!

  4. Nice post! I love the little poem too.

  5. Krista, when you make your way into the southeastern U.S., let me know. We have the absolute best mountain riding east of the Mississippi river. Glad to show you around and give you some stunning ride routes.

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