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Winter Is Coming

At the risk of sounding as dour as Jon Snow at a dinner party, I have to make an announcement on this, the second full day of Summer 2015: Winter Is Coming. Of course fans of Game of Thrones recognize this as the motto of House Stark of Winterfell, a place where winters last for years (Unequal season lengths and repeated references to salt cod, salt beef, hard bread, and mummers’ antics leave me wondering if George R.R. Martin has spent time in Newfoundland).

I’ve decided to adopt “Winter Is Coming” as my own personal motto. To me, living in a place where summer is so short and so precious means that I must try to squeeze every last drop of enjoyment out of every hour of sunshine. These are the days that renew my soul, the days that make up for the brutal Nor’easters and freezing rain, weeks of fog and snow in May.


In case anyone needed a reminder.

I can’t explain the satisfaction of hearing six oars hit the glass-calm water of Quidi Vidi at dawn…or how good it feels to run the old railway bed through the Waterford Valley underneath a canopy of leaves so thick that they create a welcome shade…or the pure elation of riding my motorcycle under a perfectly blue sky, warm breezes finding their way through the vents in my jacket. These are all summer things, and summer does not last long on a Rock in the North Atlantic.


The joy of a calm pond


On the days that I can’t decide what to do: Go for a ride, lock on my riding gear and go hiking. This is at Cape St. Francis.

So turn off the tv, put down the computer, and go outside. Walk, hike, swim, ride, camp, trout, bird-watch, whale-watch, pick berries, garden…do all the things that you can’t do for the other nine months (at least) of the year. Set your alarm for a Saturday morning and get out and experience the stillness of your neighbourhood as the day begins. Or if you’re a night owl, drive out to the middle of nowhere on a cloudless night and try to pick out the constellations.

If you have a motorcycle, go put some miles on it. ENJOY the summer. Because Winter Is Coming.

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