Goodbye Sportster…Hello TW 200!

I can’t remember the last time I sat down to write something on this blog. I’ve wanted to, believe me…but I’ve had too many interests vying for my time, and a very busy period at work that left me too mentally drained each day to string together sentences. I’ve been meaning to announce the change in my garage demographics for a few weeks now: The Sportster is sold, and in her place is a 2010 Yamaha TW 200.


The T-Dub!

To some it may seem like a strange switch. But the big-tired dual purpose caught my eye the first time I saw one almost six years ago, and it just so happened that the right deal came along at the right time.

The first ride was hardly awe-inspiring for me. The fact that we live in the centre of the city means riding through a fair bit of traffic to get to a trail. The lack of power riding on-road was a little unsettling, I was actually afraid of getting run over when the light changed from red to green. But I soon learned that with a bike this small, I need to be aggressive with the throttle and flick up through the gears very quickly, and had no problem at all keeping with traffic. I even hit the TCH for a very brief spell last weekend, from Cochrane Pond to Donovan’s. It takes a little while to get there, but she will do about 110km/hr (69 mph).


Getting a feel for the TW off-road. Amazingly stable.

The bike started to grow on me when I got off the pavement and realized how stable it is off-road. Up to that point, the only off-road experience I had was on my Vstrom, which is more than a handful. Those big tires and the super low gearing make the TW almost unstoppable over any sort of terrain, and it’s low and light enough to allow me to put a foot down when I have to. It’s the perfect novice dual-purpose!


Snow blocking the way…on April 29. The TW would’ve made it through, not sure about the DR650 though. We didn’t want to chance it so we turned around.

Do I miss the Sportster? A little, I guess. I had it for almost six years, and it was on that bike that I learned where a motorcycle can take me, and discovered how much I love touring. But the Vstrom handles the touring duties much better, and I didn’t use the Sportster at all last year so the sensible thing was to sell it. I can’t say that I’ll never have another Harley (I’m not getting rid of my Harley shirts yet!), but for now I’m quite content with what I have.

We’re hoping to pack up the TW and DR650 this May 24th weekend and head to Musgrave Harbour to do some off-roading and explore a bit. I’m so looking forward to it! I’ll be keeping a journal so expect a ride report and lots of pictures!


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  1. Ooo, a very cool acquisition—congratulations! After reading the T-Dub praise by Ginamarie at, I watched some rider videos: These bikes look like nothin’ but FUN. I’m looking forward to your blog posts about your T-Dub adventures.

  2. Best of luck with the T-Dub!

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