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Guest Post: 6 Items Every Rider Should Have In Their Saddle Bag

My first guest post on this blog comes from fellow female rider Ania Todua, and contains good advice on things you really should be carrying when you head out on a motorcycle trip. You can find her on Twitter, @ania_todua. The pictures and links contained in the article are hers.


When you decide to take a trip on your motorcycle, you don’t exactly have a huge trunk where you can just stuff everything you need and then strap some more stuff to the roof. A motorcycle ride is definitely much more exciting and fun than driving in a station wagon, but you have to be smart about it and focus on packing the essentials, since you have limited space. We’re not talking about traveling for months across a continent here though – there are plenty of times when you need to hop on your bike and ride for several days, and it helps if you are prepared. A good saddle bag on each side is more than enough to keep you covered for up to a week on the road, as long as you remember to bring these six essential items.

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A Mid-Winter Ride

It’s been a poor winter for snow-lovers here in St. John’s. We had over 100cm (39″) of snow in January, but it was usually followed by mild temperatures and rain so it didn’t stick around long. Today, February 1st, the temperatures reached to almost 10 degrees C (50 F) so of course we spent the balmy Sunday afternoon on the bikes. The task of washing the salt and grime off afterwards was completely justified by the looks of disbelief and envy we got from just about everyone!

It’s the first time I’ve ever ridden a motorcycle in February, which is usually our snowiest month of the year. The forecast for tomorrow calls for a high of -7 degrees C (19 F) so I think it’s safe to say that today was an anomaly. It sure breaks up the winter though!

bikes ice

The Suzuki’s and the ice wall on the South Side Road. It is February, after all.

vstrom wharf2

The Vstrom. Not entirely sure why we always end up on a wharf, but it seems to be our thing.

bikes wharf2

Vstrom and DR650, with the Battery in the background. Barely a trace of winter to be seen.

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