West Coast Trip Part IV: Bay of Islands

It’s hard to believe that we’re nearing the end of October and I’ve yet to complete my “West Coast Trip” blog series. I’ve come to realize that fall is the busiest time of year for me. Work, online course, training for a trail ultramarathon and of course trying to squeeze in a ride when the weather cooperates means I don’t have much time to sit down and put together a post. Thanks to hurricane Gonzalo this morning I finally have some time on my hands so here’s an account of our day spent touring Bay of Islands area. We got up on the morning of August 6 with plans to take in the sights of the Bay of Islands. The forecast called for a chance of showers, so as we were packing up the bikes for the day I said to Mark “now you knows where your rain gear is, right?”

Mark: “It’s in my tool tube”

Me: “No, MY rain gear is in MY tool tube. The plug kit is in YOUR tool tube”

It was then that Mark realized that his rain gear was still in St. John’s (easy enough to forget, because it NEVER rains in Newfoundland, right?) I guess it was lucky for both of us that my rain gear was big enough to fit him, and it gave me an excuse to go buy rain gear that actually fits me. I even found female-specific rain gear at Canadian Tire in Corner Brook, in a baby blue colour. So now instead of looking like a black marshmallow with the wind baffling up underneath my much-too-big rain jacket, I look like I’m riding in hospital scrubs. Best kind.

The ride to Corner Brook goes through my absolute favourite stretch of the TCH, with the mountains on one side, the Humber river on the other. There’s just something about this section of road that’s magical for me.


This is heading east, not west, but you get the idea!

We stopped at “Breakfast Mountain”, and saw the famous “Old Man in the Mountain”.


Can’t see him? Look at the next picture for a hint.


We rode through Corner Brook and turned off on Route 450, another great road with beautiful scenery, especially out around Blow Me Down Park. We stopped and took a few pictures in Lark Harbour, a community nestled in between the mountains.


A calm day in Lark Harbour


Loving it.

From there we headed west to the other side of the small peninsula, to the tiny communities of Little Port and Bottle Cove. The weather could not have been better, and we thoroughly enjoyed taking in the sights of these picturesque little towns.


Little Port


The Little Port wharf

We decided to hike the trail in Bottle Cove, and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting the area. Its not strenuous or long, and the views are incredible! It was the highlight of our day.


Bottle Cove Beach, from the trail


That’s a cave on the other side!


I developed a new interest in rocks on this trip! The geology of Bottle Cove looks like it was formed by volcanoes. The rocks are even “sooty”!

After our hike we rode back along Route 450, through Corner Brook again and rode out the other side of the Bay of Islands on the North Shore Highway. Again we saw snow in the mountains.


Across the Bay of Islands, taken from Gillams

We continued on to the end of the line, Cox’s Cove. A friendly shopkeeper told us about “Cox’s Cove Falls”, but I don’t know if he gave really poor directions or if we took a wrong turn, but we never found it. Now that I’m looking at the map of the area I can see that we probably missed out on some decent off-roading and a very nice waterfall. It seems that no matter how much research we do prior to a trip, we always miss something! We did manage to find the scenic look-out point that he told us about though.


Stay tuned…in the next post in this series the weather takes a turn for the worst on the way to Stephenville!


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  1. I have a friend from Cox’s Cove. Thanks for the beautiful tour!

  2. Lovely pics and another great write up Krista … looking forward to your next instalment!

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