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West Coast Trip Part III: The Tablelands

On August 5th, after being on the road for three days we set out to actually get to the West Coast. We left Catamaran Park in the foggy coolness of morning and droned the 175km to Deer Lake. Read the rest of this entry


West Coast Trip Part II: Central/Interior Detours

I guess I should clarify that despite the title of this post, it’s actually about the self-imposed detours we took in Central Newfoundland, on our way to the West Coast.

On August 4th, we had an entire day to get from Gander to Catamaran Park, a distance of only 135km. Our first detour was through the town of Appleton, just west of Gander. Read the rest of this entry

West Coast Trip, Part I: Eastern Detours

On the way to the West Coast of Newfoundland we took a few detours. On purpose, of course. The amazing hospitality and accommodations offered to us by Mark’s parents and their fifth-wheel trailer negated the need for strict distance planning. We thoroughly enjoyed our leisurely pace, and had plenty of time to explore.

We left St. John’s on the morning of August 2nd, and were scheduled to spend the night in Gander. That left oodles of time to pass away, so we decided to head out Route 204 along the shore of South West Arm, through the communities of Queen’s Cove, Hodge’s Cove, Little Heart’s Ease and Gooseberry Cove. Read the rest of this entry

Update from the Road

We’re currently on the homeward leg of our West Coast tour, and have put over 2600 km on the bikes so far. All I can say is that it’s been an amazing trip…we’ve seen spectacular mountains, beautiful beaches, tropical butterflies, alpacas, lighthouses, and sea stacks. We’ve been to the most westerly point on the island of Newfoundland and to the end of the road in Rose Blanche: the furthest east you can get on the south west coast without a boat. We rode through sweltering heat and torrential rain, even thunder and lightning…which was both thrilling and terrifying.

I have literally hundreds of pictures to sort through, and it will probably take me weeks to organize our trip into a series of coherent blog posts!

Stay tuned for stories and pictures from West Coast Tour 2014 ūüôā



Girls As Passengers: Put Some Clothes On!

I‚Äôll warn you, this post may sound a bit preachy. Ok,¬†maybe really¬†preachy. I truly¬†do loathe wading into the debate of what constitutes appropriate motorcycle attire but I have to get this out there. As this has been the hottest July on record, I’ve seen things on a daily basis that made me cringe.


Ok, so I haven’t seen a passenger TOTALLY nude, but you get my drift. Photo credit:

Read the rest of this entry

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