Ride to Harbour Mille, July 20, 2014

I’m at the point in summer when I’m getting weary of riding the same roads on the Avalon weekend after weekend. With the forecast for this past Sunday looking spectacular, we decided to wander a bit farther from home and made the trek to Harbour Mille on the Burin Peninsula.

On Sunday morning we set off bright and early from St. John’s and hit the TCH, riding the 160km to Route 210; the Burin Peninsula highway. A word of advice: no matter how hot it is where you might live, bring extra clothing if you’re headed through the isthmus because 99% of the time it’s foggy and cold. Sunday was no exception and we arrived at the intersection of Route 210 in dire need of coffee.

Once we warmed up it was onward towards Harbour Mille, down the well-kept-up Burin Peninsula highway. It’s an unexciting ride for the most part, except for the picturesque town of Swift Current. After droning for about 95km we finally saw the Route 212 turn-off, then it started getting interesting.

I absolutely love the feeling of excitement that I get when I ride through a place for the first time. Everything is new, and it’s almost a sensory overload to try to take everything in and control a motorcycle at the same time. This is why frequent stops are needed! I’m glad Mark had the GoPro set up on his helmet to take pictures, because this area is just so beautiful that we couldn’t possibly stop often enough to capture it all.


It was actually freaky how close the road is to the cliff


A great view around every corner

And then there’s the road itself…so full of twists and turns that it made BestBikingRoads.com. The pavement is a little rough in places, but all in all it’s in great condition.


Amazing motorcycle road!

At the end of the road is Harbour Mille, a tiny community in an incredibly sheltered harbour.


Entering the community of Harbour Mille


I think the harbour entrance may be even narrower than THE Narrows!

After some picture-taking, Mark managed to navigate a very steep ATV trail where Eric was waiting with the kettle on. I chose to venture to the top of the hill on foot instead, not wanting to ride my Vstrom toboggan-style (ie on her side).


I know my abilities, and I know there would’ve been grey plastic all over the hill if I had made an attempt.


Versys and Varadero at the top of the hill

We also stopped in the community of Bay L’Argent for a photo-op before hitting the highway for the return trip back to St. John’s.


One of these bikes is not like the others but I won’t say which one…

By the time we got home that evening, we had put almost exactly 600km (375 miles) on the bikes. That’s basically the same as a round-trip to Gander, or almost the distance from St. John’s to Deer Lake. It’s the longest amount of time I’ve spent on the Vstrom since I’ve owned her, and to my delight she performed wonderfully and kept me quite comfortable all day. My only regret is that we couldn’t spend the night down there, as I’ve heard there are other spectacular roads in the area. It’s difficult to fit so much riding into such a short summer.

If you’re a motorcyclist in eastern Newfoundland, you owe it to yourself to spend the day in the Harbour Mille area, you will not regret it!


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  1. If you’re going to Harbour Mile you may as well spend a few more days and get lifted onto the Northern Seal and travel westbound by supply ship. Eventually you will end up back onto a in Burgeo.

  2. krista:

    I had to dig out my official NL map. We made it to St Bernard’s Jacques Fontaine on our way to Burin, and over to Fortune for the ferry to St Pierre. Had I realized that Bay L’Argent was so beautiful we would have gone there but we were in scenic sensory overload with so much to see that was different than here on the Pacific Coast. The southern tip of the Burin Peninsula is stunning and I would like to go back there, one day

    bob: riding the wet coast

  3. krista

    i think I am in your spam filter

    bob: riding the wet coast

  4. krista:

    thank you My hyperlink is causing me problems with wordpress blogs. Perhaps you could change your settings to allow “ONE”


    bob: riding the wet coast

  5. Really wish I get the chance to ride over there one day!

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