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Google Street View Epiphany

A few weeks ago I noticed that many of my relatives living “around the bay” (rural areas of Newfoundland) were posting pictures of their properties on their Facebook pages. For a split second I thought that everyone had finally had enough of the marathon winter of 2014 and were selling off and moving south. Then I realized that the pictures were taken by the Google Streetview Subaru. “Cool”, I thought, “Google has Street-viewed rural Newfoundland”, and I really didn’t give it anymore thought until yesterday. Read the rest of this entry


Kent Cottage, Brigus

It’s a sad reality that nobody truly appreciates what they are overly familiar with. Yes, we know it’s beautiful here, but we’re so used to it that our panoramic vistas and ocean views simply fade into the background. It’s quite the experience to show off your homeland to people from halfway around the world, which is what we did yesterday. Read the rest of this entry

Iceberg Alley

I have to be honest. I never had much interest in icebergs…those massive chunks of ancient ice that break off polar glaciers each year and slowly make their way south to our waters. At worst they are a hazard to ships (Titanic for example!) and oil rigs, and at best they are the main ingredient in Quidi Vidi Brewery’s wonderful Iceberg Beer. Read the rest of this entry

Yes, we call this “Spring”.

In the infamously cold, foggy summer of 2011, I happened into one of Water Street’s many shops and found them giving out pin buttons with the slogan “#$%& the weather, I’m having summer anyway”. I’ve thought back to that slogan recently, seeing as how we are a week into May and the mercury struggles to get above 5 degrees C (41 F.). It even snowed yesterday…not enough to shovel but enough to turn the Outer Ring Road into a high-speed demolition derby. Read the rest of this entry

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