First Ride of 2014

After my last post confessing my anxiety relating to the first ride of the year, I am very happy to report that the first ride went amazingly well, and just as I expected the panic dissipated before I got to the end of my street.

The weather was phenomenal for this time of year, a balmy 15 degrees C (59F). After going for a quick 6km run (in shorts!!!) I debated whether or not to fire up the ‘Strom. I’m so glad I did, even though the melting snow mountains meant a very wet and dirty ride. Dirt will wash off, but the smile on my face won’t 🙂

20140415_185155 (2)

Bike is covered in winter grime! No way to avoid it!

20140415_185103 (2)

Harbour Side Park

20140415_191252 (2)

Umm. No words for this! LOL


Here’s to a long, safe riding season!



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  1. Krista:

    that’s great. I also wore shorts on Sunday. The weather here felt nearly like summer. I have commuted to work twice this year. Takes a few rides to get your bike legs back

    Your bike looks clean to me, must be the colour

    A weekend photographer
    Riding the Wet Coast

    • Ha, it is the colour. I initially hated the colour of the bike, but it was such a good deal that I managed to look past it. But now I can see why so many people love grey/silver vehicles! That being said, I really do have to wash the bike soon…

  2. Way to go Krista! Yup, certainly hoping that things have tured a corner weather-wise … can’t wait, as I have a new-to-me Scoot waiting @ Clarenville Honda!! Now all I gotta do is sell the ’06 Spirit …

    • What are you buying??? After getting the Vstrom last fall and the Subaru a few weeks ago I have to physically stop myself from perusing the classifieds. It’s difficult!

      Unfortunately it looks like this weather is just a tease…calling for snow this weekend! 😦

  3. Nice! I just googled the Roadster, very Sportster-ish!

    • Yeah, the Shadow RS is kinda Honda’s answer to the Sportster and the Bonneville … was offered only for 2010/11 so kinda rare too … can’t wait to get it!

  4. Bob: I was always a GM person, just sold a 2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue that served me incredibly well for the past eight years. It was Subaru’s reliability rating that convinced me to buy one…and the AWD is a nice feature when you have five months of snow! I got a wicked deal on a 2011 Legacy, a little underpowered but otherwise a beautiful car.

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