Spring Anxiety

It’s finally starting to feel like “real” spring here, not the fake spring that arrived over three weeks ago, teased us with with promises of flowers and warmth, only to punch us in the gut with 40cm of snow as soon as we let our guard down. Here’s a video shot here in St. John’s in the aftermath of the storm, I can’t help but laugh every time I see it:

Actually I know that spring is here because in spite of the large snowbanks still hanging around, both my Facebook and Twitter feed are hopping with statuses and pictures of “first ride of the year”. It’s been a mild weekend so a lot of riders took full advantage of it. I, however, am having my usual attack of spring anxiety. Let me clear something up right away: though is it often used as such, being “anxious” is not synonymous with being “eager”. Anxiety is a completely negative emotion, and it’s what I’m feeling right now as I think about getting on the bike.

This happens to me every spring. It’s only been four months since I’ve been riding, but it might as well be four years. Every year, I pass up the first few decent riding days and then come up with excuses…”it’s too cold”, “I have too much to do”, “I have nowhere to go”…until the day comes where I have to say to myself, “if you don’t go for a ride right now, you’re selling everything motorcycle-related”. I’m almost paralyzed with anxiety as I’m getting geared up, and when I’m getting ready to pull out onto the street my heart starts beating right out of my body. It’s like I’m back to square one, with zero motorcycle experience. But the strangest thing is that it only takes about 20 seconds, LITERALLY less than a minute, and I’m best kind. Calm, happy, back to normal, and  I don’t feel the anxiety until the following spring. Weird or wha?


Pictures like this one help to remind me that I’m actually a pretty capable rider!

Tuesday’s forecast is 13 degrees Celsius (55 F), the warmest day yet this spring. I’ll certainly be tempted to take the bike out, but I know for a fact that I will be in full panic mode as soon as I sit on it. Adding to my anxiety this time is the fact that I didn’t really have a change to get fully familiar with the Vstrom before the season ended. I had planned to have the seat shaved down over the winter to give myself a little more confidence in reaching the ground, but that didn’t happen yet. Check back next week to see if I actually go for a ride, or come up with a good excuse!



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  1. While I don’t neccessarily suffer from “Spring Anxiety” before the first Ride of the new season, I will admit that having on a couple of occassions let the thought of spring road conditions bother me … and this year with our roadways in no better condition than those of a 3rd World country, (I’ve seen cars almost swallowed whole by some of the potholes) I’m not in a huge hurry to get the Bike out … can’t wait mind you, but hoping roadcrews will get to some of those craters before I do eventually venture out …

    • You have to be super cautious this time of year, that’s for sure. Roads are covered in dirt and gravel, and yeah the potholes are ridiculous. See buddy on Youtube standing in the one by the Village? Priceless!

  2. That is crazy! Hope your warmer weather comes soon!

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