10 Reasons Why a Motorcyclist Should Date Another Motorcyclist

I saw a couple of great posts this week, the first one on RideApart titled “10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Date a Motorcyclist”, and a clever follow-up by Motolady called “10 Reasons You Should Date a Motorcyclist”. It got me thinking (uh oh), and I’ve come up with 10 following reasons why a motorcyclist should date other motorcyclists.

1. Shared Passion

Having a shared passion is a very good indicator of happiness in a relationship, because passions take up a LOT of time. Whether it’s motorcycling, kayaking, triathlon, or animal rescue, having a partner who is as into it as you are is a VERY good thing.


These two intense people are obviously sharing a common passion. Photo credit: Mandy B.

2. No Arguing About How to Spend a Beautiful Weekend

She wants to go hiking, he wants to play golf. He wants to go camping, she wants to spend the afternoon drinking beer on a patio. When both partners are motorcyclists, there’s no fighting because they BOTH want to ride! Same goes for that precious commodity: vacation time. Road trip? Just say where to!


Spending a beautiful weekend doing our favourite thing

3. Bike Talk

A motorcyclist’s favourite topic of conversation is…you guessed it…motorcycles. Displacement, horsepower, torque, tires, gear, gadgets, attire…so much to talk about! A non-rider dating a motorcyclist will eventually be in the company of the rider’s friends, and if he/she can’t talk bikes, it will feel like everyone else is speaking a foreign language.

4. Alone Time, Even when Together

One of the great things about dating another motorcyclist is that even when you’re together you’re still…not together. We’re each alone with our thoughts as we ride along, and at the end of the day we have so much more to share with each other because we haven’t spoken for hours.

5. Bike Gear in the Living Room

Or bedroom, or bathroom, or kitchen…When both partners are into bikes, there’s no being nagged because you left your helmet on the kitchen counter. Why put it away when you’ll need it again tomorrow morning? Riding is a lifestyle that permeates everything, even household décor.


Why not, right? Photo credit: ninetowners.com

6. A Helping Hand is Nearby

Sometimes motorcycle maintenance is a two-person job. Instead of having to call on a neighbour or buddy (to whom you’ll have to return the favour, no doubt), your partner is right there in the garage with you. “Pass me the 10mm wrench there, m’love”

7. Motorcycle-Related Gifts

If you date another motorcyclist, you can expect awesome gifts for Christmas, birthdays and other special occasions. Fellow riders won’t make the dreaded faux-pas of buying a gift branded with the wrong manufacturer: “thanks for the t-shirt but umm…it says Harley-Davidson and actually I ride a Kawasaki”. “Oh. Well all I knew is that it has lots of chrome…I just assumed it was a Harley…”

8. Having Access to Another Bike

You know things are getting a little serious when you agree to “trade” bikes and go for a ride. It’s always fun to ride another bike, especially if it’s very dissimilar from your own.


The first sportbike I ever rode: Mark’s ZRX…what a truly beautiful bike.

9. You Don’t Have to Justify Why You Ride

“You just CAN’T be spending all that time riding that motorcycle! You disappear for six or seven hours EVERY weekend! There’s someone else, isn’t there?!!!”

No, there’s not. We love to ride, and if you don’t ride you just don’t get it. Sorry.

10. It Just…Works


Quality time…

Don’t get me wrong, dating another motorcyclist is NOT a guarantee of happiness in a relationship, obviously there are a multitude of other factors at play. But if you do happen to find another rider that you’re attracted to, who can make you laugh, respects you and genuinely cares for you…hold onto that person for dear life.


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  1. If you significant other rides then they will be less prone to be jealous of your motorcycle.

  2. I agree-for cycling and any other passion.

  3. Great post again Krista! Had the pleasure of dating another motorcyclist for the better part of a summer a couple of years ago and it was great … in fact I helped her get her license … but, alas she found a yellow VTX1300 more to her liking than my (then) Ninja … oh well hoping that this summer I’ll find someone to share the passion of motorcycling with again!

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