Review: Scott Women’s Riding Jeans

One of the realities of being a female motorcyclist is the lack of selection available when it comes to riding attire. Even though female riders are the fastest growing segment of motorcyclists today, most manufacturers still don’t produce women’s gear that is as durable or functional as their men’s gear…that’s if they make women’s gear at all. A quick search of motorcycle pants on a popular distributor’s website shows up 224 choices for men, versus 79 for women. I rest my case.

One particularly warm and humid (by Newfoundland standards) evening this past summer I pulled on my well-worn Scorpion Savannah pants, and said “I really wish I could find a nice pair of riding jeans for evenings like this”. I’ve ridden in regular jeans maybe a handful of times, and I feel like I’m naked.

Our travels that evening brought us to the Toy Box, a BMW Motorrad dealership/repair shop that sells a decent variety of apparel and accessories. Lo and behold, right there on the rack staring back at me was a pair of Scott riding jeans, in my exact size. I bought them right on the spot. You have to understand what selection is like in this city…this was like winning a small lottery, seriously.

scott jeans

I loved these jeans so much I didn’t even look at the price tag. That NEVER happens.

scott jeans arse

These jeans fit great for those of us with “n’ar arse”

Keith (the shop owner) told me that he had expected those jeans to fly off the shelves, but he has had a hard time shaking them. Most women who try them on feel that they make their butt look big. Since I’m lacking in that department, they suit me fine!

The jeans are a stylish dark wash, noticeably thicker and sturdier than regular jeans. They’re also reinforced with a Kevlar-like material for strength, and come with knee armour plus pockets where you can insert hip armour (the hip armour from my Scorpion pants fits perfectly).

The jeans are stretchy and very comfy, both on and off the bike. I’ve been told that they look better than any other jeans I own! The leg bottoms are wide enough to fit over boots, but narrow enough to tuck in, if you prefer. I’ve worn the jeans for a couple of months now and they seem like great quality. I’ll update this article when I get more miles on them.


First ride on my Vstrom, wearing the Scott jeans.

I went on the Scott website to try to find more information about the jeans…and could not find them! I’m assuming they’ve been discontinued. I did a thorough search of the site, and under the category of road riding there is not even one women’s item. Very disappointing Scott! I think I should write a letter.

Now that I’ve realized that I may never find a pair of riding jeans as nice as these ever again, I think I’ll run out to the Toybox and buy every pair left out there.


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  1. Here’s another maker of jeans for you to consider. I’ve got a couple pair of the “Defender” style with the Kevlar sewn in. They’re a little expensive, but I figure it provides me another layer of protection in case I need it.

    • Thanks for the info! The Defender jeans look really good and the price isn’t bad compared to other brands. It’s so hard buying online though, because you really don’t know how they’re going to fit.

  2. Please say hello to my friend Mike, the next time you visit the ToyBox.

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