Fall Has Arrived

Summer dies a slow and painful death here in Newfoundland. The days quickly get shorter, but the really cool temperatures usually hold off until mid-October. Even then, we sometimes luck into a stretch of warm weather thanks to tropical air masses heading north. This sends us happily back into “summer mode”, only to be brought swiftly back to reality by a brisk north east wind the following day.

I was actually contemplating taking the bike to work this morning…but when I stepped out onto the patio to hang out clothes I just about went on my arse. Frost on wood is quite the treat at 6:30am. Common sense prevailed and I went to work in the car.

I equate the start of fall with windshield scraping, and I had to do just that this morning for the first time this season. It was one of those “in-between” mornings, when you think that the windshield wash will take care of it…so you spray your windshield but it’s actually too cold for the windshield wash to work and all you do is make a mess and you end up having to get out of the car and scrape anyways, which is what you should have done in the first place.

The temperature warmed up greatly this afternoon thanks to light southwesterly winds, enough for me to go for a run in just a t-shirt and shorts. The fact that I was getting out for a ride this evening just went without saying!


Another lighthouse picture! Cape Spear this time.


I took this one while we were sitting in the shelter of a large rock, drinking coffee. Not much activity on Cape Spear this evening!

I can deal with the frosty mornings and short days. I love the colours and really enjoy running in the cool temps. As long as I can get out for a scattered ride like I did this evening, fall is alright with me. I hope it lasts till mid-January, and then starts to warm up πŸ˜‰


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  1. Our riding season has just started!

  2. My riding to work has curtailed too! I drive east in the morning so the sun is directly in my eyes. Not to mention it is getting too cold when I leave. If I could have someone bring me my motorcycle for the ride home that would work!

  3. Ahhhh Autumn in Newfoundland … gotta love it, gotta hate it … Riding this time of the year can be some of the most enjoyable … when the weather cooperates … a carburated Bike seems to love those cool-ish/warm-ish days when the air is more dense, seeming to come alive as you twist the throttle! … and the combination of Fall colors and smells just make you feel so alive yourself! BUT, you know that it’s only a matter of weeks and Riding Season is over and then … and then it’s a loooooong, dreary winter to endure, pining away for Springtime … sigh …

    • I was trying to remain positive Perry…thanks for bringing me down. LOL j/k…we all know what comes after autumn, but I try to enjoy the present moment…while holding out hope for a snow-free winter! After all, if it wasn’t for winter would we still appreciate the summer as much?

  4. Ha ha – it was pretty cool here the other morning. I hopped on the bike and it was 38F but the wind was up above 35mph which made it pretty cold. Still, it was more fun then commuting in a car! πŸ™‚

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